Thank you for your continual support to Ouachita Hills Academy and College. Your generous contributions allow us to continue to provide an affordable Christian education, practical vocational training and inspiring outreach opportunities for our students. Although you can support our schools in many areas, the following are some immediate needs that we have.

Academy Worthy Student Fund

Each year Ouachita Hills Academy awards scholarships to students who qualify based on both need and academic merit. This scholarship fund is made possible by our donors. Please consider donating to this program, which has been a blessing to many students and their families.

Win-Win-Win Project

At Ouachita Hills College, students have the opportunity to fulfill the Gospel commission, while they earn money to pay for their tuition, which will in turn support OHC operations. During this process they strengthen their relationship with God and develop a character that stands firm in the midst of rejection. What a great blessing this program is to our students and to humanity! Our students, our school, and the community in general are all benefited by the outcome of this effort. Only in heaven will we be able to see the impact that the 500,000 books that have been distributed during the last 5 years by students had on humanity.

To make this program a reality, OHC provides minivans that are strictly used for literature distribution. Our canvassing vans travel no less than 30,000 miles per year and we have a constant need to replace minivans that have around 200,000 miles due to safety issues.

Today we are in need of two minivans and 1 five-passenger vehicle that will be used to distribute literature with the message of Truth during the next 2-3 years.

We would like to raise $15,000 for this project or if you are willing to donate a minivan or a vehicle with low millage for this program, please give us a call.

Thank you for partnering with us in this project!

College Worthy Student Fund

Many of our students here at Ouachita Hills College do not receive financial support from family members or friends. Those students rely on the canvassing scholarship to fund their education. However, for many this is not enough to cover the cost of their education. It is for this reason that Ouachita Hills College has a Worthy Student Fund. These funds give us an opportunity to help students that lack financial support and that fall short of funds to pay for their semester at school.

This project has already blessed dozens of our students. We encourage you to be part of this noble endeavor of educating college students for eternity.

Please visit the Ouachita Hills store to make a donation.
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