About OHC

Our History
The roots of Ouachita Hills College stretch back about 30 years and find themselves entwined in the formation of another supporting ministry college—Weimar. During the early 1970s, while Weimar was being planned and developed, Chester and Harriet Clark attended a meeting in the Loma Linda area soliciting support and interest in the new educational venture. The Clarks came away from that meeting thinking that such a school should be developed in the Southwestern Union (their home union) as well. They determined to start it.

They waited, watched, and worked to see God open the doors, but for years no door opened. In 1988 Ouachita Hills Academy was started, but still no college.

Finally, in 2000 the Board of Directors of Ouachita Ministries voted to form a college; in 2001 the state of Arkansas granted Ouachita Hills College a religious exempt status and plans for the college began in earnest. Thirty-one students arrived on campus in September of 2003.

What vision do the founders of this college have? Their vision is of dedicated, dynamic, self-sacrificing young people being rightly trained, turning the world up-side-down for Jesus; of young people who will stand for the truth though the heavens fall and who will not be bought or sold; of a soon-coming Savior welcoming these students and those they have worked to save into the kingdom.

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