At Ouachita Hills College, our goal is for students to be immersed in the Word of God while preparing for their life work. Each of our degrees is built on a core curriculum that strengthens essential academic skills and encourages deep study of Scripture.

For a complete description of our degrees and courses offered, you may download our full course catalog.

The following degrees may be earned through Ouachita Hills College:*

Bachelor of Elementary Christian Education**
Bachelor of Secondary Christian Education**
Bachelor of Biblical Studies
Bachelor of Theology
Bachelor of Christian Business Management

Associate of Christian General Studies
Associate of Personal Evangelism
Associate of Christian Business Management

In addition, we are able to offer the first two years of pre-professional study, suitable for transfer to pre-med or allied health programs.

* Ouachita Hills College has received a Letter of Exemption from Certification issued by the Arkansas Department of Higher Education to offer non-academic or church-related courses and grant non-academic awards or church-related degrees.

** Completion of this program does not meet eligibility requirements for teacher certification in the State of Arkansas Public School System.

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