The Religion Department of Ouachita Hills College exists to assist every student in developing a well-rounded, functional, and personal relationship with the Creator God as revealed in Scripture and the Spirit of Prophecy, and to equip them to take up their individually specific roles in the mission of His church to the world.

In pursuit of these overall objectives, the department seeks to achieve each of the following four core goals.

Spiritual Growth
Lead each student to a more personal, dynamic, and saving relationship with the Creator God of Heaven, and to a personal commitment to participate in His mission.

Academic Knowledge
Equip each student with a solid functional understanding of both Scripture and the Spirit of Prophecy counsels provided by God through Ellen G. White, while at the same time equipping them with the understanding of other current, relevant, supporting, and contrasting information which serves to provide a further and deeper understanding of these counsels.

Contextual Knowledge
Provide each student with a clear and complete working understanding of Christ’s church, its mission in history, as well as its current condition and mission today. Also to provide each student with an understanding of how he or she, as an individual, can fit into the role and mission of His church.

Functional Preparedness
Prepare students for their unique contribution to the world-wide mission of the church by assisting them in assessing and developing their personal aptitudes, skills, and abilities through the use of traditional style didactic learning methods, as well as the provision of numerous opportunities to practice and develop these skills.

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