Future Students

At Ouachita Hills College, we know that education means so much more than just having strong academic programs. As a Seventh-day Adventist institution of higher learning, we desire to to maintain high Christian standards of integrity, courtesy, dedication, and accomplishment. In order to achieve this ideal, spiritual devotion as well as academic and lifestyle achievements are integral parts of student life at Ouachita Hills.

Spiritual Life
Every student will find opportunities to cultivate the essential daily habits of a meaningful relationship with God. We encourage individual study of Scripture and a thoughtful prayer life. We also begin and end each day with worship and Bible study together.

Working Together
Every student has a campus job in one of five main areas: Agriculture, Media, Construction, Office Assisting, or Food Service. All of our students learn practical skills and work ethic while helping to offset the cost of tuition and other expenses. In addition, many students choose to work in our canvassing programs, which can lower the cost of their education significantly.

Serving Others
Serving the individuals and communities around us is a natural extension of spiritual life. OHC offers many ways to be personally involved in evangelism during the school year. Through the canvassing program, students find many people interested in understanding the Bible better. At times, students may follow up these interests by giving personal Bible studies. Many students have the opportunity to work with neighboring churches by preaching, giving Bible studies, and working with the local youth. Students are active in local churches with both English- and Spanish-speaking congregations. Our church involvement includes pre-work for evangelism and church planting.

Fresh Food
We are committed to serving fresh, healthy meals designed to promote students’ physical well-being and mental clarity. Many of the vegetables and fruits we serve every day come from our own garden and greenhouses. Our meals are 100% vegan, and we offer gluten-free options at every meal.

Places to Explore
Our campus is just a short drive from many of Arkansas’ beautiful natural areas and state parks. OHC students like to spend their free time hiking, biking, kayaking, canoeing and swimming in and around the Ouachita National Forest.

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