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General Inquiries for Ouachita Hills College

General Inquiries for Ouachita Hills Academy

General Correspondence

Ouachita Hills Academy
P.O. Box 35
Amity, AR 71921

Ouachita Hills College
P.O. Box 170
Amity, AR 71921

Physical Address for Package Delivery

Ouachita Hills Academy/College
46 Madison Way
Amity, Arkanasas

Due to the fact that GPS directions have at times taken people on logging roads through rough terrain, we suggest that you follow directions to the city of Amity and follow these directions from there:

1) If coming to Amity from the east, go 1 block west of the fountain on Hwy 8 (Also Hwy 84) toward Glenwood, AR to South Mountain Road. If you are coming from the west you would turn right on Mountain Road which is one block before the fountain in the city circle. (There is an old, out-of-business gas station on the corner called Carlie’s Corner.)

2) Continue on South Mountain Road approximately 3.8 miles.

3) Turn on the first road (not drive way after the bridge) on the right which is Harley.  The road somewhat Ys there and a Ouachita Hills sign is on the left in the Y with an arrow pointing to the right at this juncture.

4) In about ¼ mile you will see the main Ouachita Hills sign in front of you.  Go to the left of the sign to enter campus.

5 At the first “Y” at the bottom of the hill continue to go straight if you are going to the administration building or turn left and follow the road around campus to the parking lot behind the two story metal grey building if you are going to the cafeteria.

Tips on Directions to Amity:

The best way to get to Amity is through one of the following major cities:

From Straight North or Northwest on Hwy 40: From Fort Smith take 71 S to “Y” City, then 270 E to Mt. Ida, followed by 27 S to Norman, and then 8 E to Glenwood and Amity.

From Straight West (Oklahoma): Go through DeQueen to Kirby on Hwy 70E and then take Hwy 84E to Amity.  Avoid any back roads from Kirby or Murfreesboro.

From South and Southwest (Texas): Go through Texarkana, TX and take I-30E to Arkadelphia, AR.  (Exit 73) Turn left on Hwy 8W to Amity.  Do not follow any GPS units which may take you through other small, back roads from Texarkana.

From Northeast or East on Hwy 40: Go through Little Rock.  From Little Rock take I-30 W to Arkadelphia (Exit 73) then Hwy 8 W to Amity.

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